Therapy for College Students and Young Adults

Therapy for College Students and Young Adults

Therapy for College Students and Young Adults

Being a college student or young adult can be a time of great fun, adventure, change, and self-discovery, filled with new opportunities. It can also be a time of questioning and adjustment, and a time of transitions and new stressors. It is not uncommon that these transitions create challenges that are difficult to navigate. You may be balancing the demands of rigorous academics, navigating new social situations, and exploring your interests and career track. As exciting as this time in life can be, it can also leave you feeling anxious, confused, and overwhelmed. This may mean it’s time to get the support you need to help make the necessary adjustments that will lead to having a positive impact on your overall current and future well-being.

The college experience is different for everyone. Some students may experience anxiety and depression for the first time during college while others who have experienced these feelings before may find that their usual coping strategies are not working like they used to. For some it may feel like struggling is just part of college life. But it doesn’t have to be this way. It can take time to figure out the right next steps and therapy can walk you through this process and help you manage your stressors! Therapy is an opportunity to increase your self-awareness to better understand yourself and the impacts of stress, especially during times of transition, so that you can get back on track and experience more balance in your day to day life.

I specialize in working with college students and young adults who are struggling with mental health as well as academic and career related challenges at any point during their college career and beyond. I use a variety of skill-building techniques and therapeutic interventions and draw from evidence-based practice methods including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) along with a strengths-based and solution-focused approach. We work together to develop mindful and effective coping strategies that will allow you to overcome challenges and move forward in your life with confidence.

In Therapy I Can Help With:

  • TRANSITIONS-adapting to the multiple demands of college by expressing your anxieties, frustrations, and concerns so you can learn how to better handle your emotional ups and downs.
  • MOOD REGULATION-addressing anxiety, depression, and other troubling emotions; balancing your mood by learning to identify your triggers; focusing on self-care; and improving your overall mental and physical well-being by equipping you with the tools to move forward with an improved ability to balance and regulate your mood and better manage stressors and challenges.
  • RELATIONSHIPS-developing healthy and effective skills to manage relationships and other related stressors including learning to set boundaries with family and friends.
  • SELF-ESTEEM-developing self-advocacy and assertiveness skills that strengthen confidence, and spending time focusing and building upon your strengths
  • SELF-AWARENESS-identifying and addressing root causes of your struggles and fostering what brings out the best in you.
  • COPING SKILLS-honing the skills and strategies to cope successfully with everyday struggles and future challenges.
  • SCHOOL-LIFE BALANCE-fostering skills and strategies to help you adjust to and manage the challenges and responsibilities of school and life and living on your own independently.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT-learning techniques to better organize and manage time including creating schedules and routines that work best for you and that lead to a healthier school-life balance.
  • ORGANIZATION-outlining what you need to accomplish, prioritizing your tasks and goals, breaking them down into practical steps, and establishing a system to make sure you’re on track every day and spending your time wisely.
  • STRESS MANAGEMENT-developing a game plan to deal with a variety of stressors including upcoming exams, challenging relationships, academic struggles, a job interview, and other related responsibilities.
  • MAJORS & CAREER PATHWAYS-exploring your interests, goals, and talents to identify pathways that are best suited to you based on strengths and interests.
  • CONFIDENTIAL LISTENER-a set time with a compassionate and neutral listener and ensuring your privacy while also helping you explore issues that might be contributing to your challenges and help better manage situations.
  • COMMUNICATION-learning to communicate better through practicing skills,
  • ACADEMIC IMPROVEMENT-improving your performance by helping you stay on track.
  • PROBLEM SOLVING-learning coping skills and strategies to help navigate and overcome difficult situations more easily by making appropriate adjustments and breaking down concerns into smaller, more manageable parts so you can boost your mood, motivation, and confidence.
  • SELF CARE-developing a self-care plan to get you through challenging times by helping you identify your needs and outlining a plan so you can get into balance, move forward, and improve your overall well-being.
  • FUTURE AND CAREER-exploring and clarifying plans for the future, including preparing for life after graduation, entering the workforce after college, and interest related career counseling,

Approach to Online Therapy

One of the greatest benefits of online therapy is that it creates a set time and place to talk to an objective and confidential listener. In addition, there are no limits to how many times you can schedule as is often the case with college counseling centers. Also, if you are over the age of 18, parental consent is not needed to seek counseling services. I provide the opportunity for clients to meet frequently, without long waitlists or gaps between sessions.

My services cater to the specific challenges that college students experience and are accessible anywhere, anytime!

I provide individual therapy to college students and young adults anywhere in Colorado through using a safe, private, secure, and confidential online video platform that’s easy to use, convenient, and accessible.

Our work will focus on helping you identify and address the obstacles you face while also juggling classes, social relationships, and multiple responsibilities every day. Together we work on ways that you can better manage and overcome stressors and challenges and come away with the tools needed to move forward with an improved ability to balance and regulate your mood, and the resources you need to grow and thrive.

My personalized, professional, and stress-free individual college counseling and guidance uses a private and secure online video conference platform. My services are confidential, accessible through a mobile device, phone or laptop, and convenient from the comfort of wherever you are. I offer a variety of scheduling options to meet your busy college lifestyle, from a free 15-minute initial call to 60-minute online sessions. Meeting virtually allows you to connect without having to come into an office.

If you are a student on a waitlist at your college counseling center, uncertain of where to get the help you need, have difficulty with travel, or in a remote area with limited access to mental health resources I can help!

Knowing that beginning therapy can sometimes be confusing I strive to simplify the process, by responding quickly and offering the opportunity to meet as frequently as needed so you get the best help you need!

How to Schedule

It’s simple. To get started, just call 720-515-6331 or email to make an appointment. Once scheduled, I will email you a secure link to complete all intake forms online before your first appointment. All information is kept confidential and safe.

I will also email you a link to a secure virtual platform that you can use each time we meet. At the time of your appointment, just click on the link to access your video session. Once I see that you’ve joined, I will join you and our session will begin. If there are ever internet difficulties, no need to worry, our session can continue and take place over the phone.

If you want to start moving forward, get on track and back into balance, reach out here.

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